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The only drawback when it comes to visiting a popular country such as Japan is that you eventually have to leave to go back home to your condos in North York. It would surely be nice if you didn't have a life to get back to but the fact of the matter is that you're going to have to catch a flight that'll take you out of Japan just like the one that took you into the wonderful Japanese culture and lifestyle.

However, don't let the thought of your vacation ruin the actual time you'll be spending traversing through Japan and immersing yourself in the world of the Japanese. The great thing about visiting and staying in Japan is the many great things you can see and do! There will be no shortage of Japan highlights that you'll experience, many of which you can use in stories to impress your co-workers.

If you need an idea to get your vacation off on the right foot you've come to the right place, as we're going to provide you with a few Japan must sees and dos while you're in Japan and away from your loft. First off, you have to re-create your own Lost In Translation moment and get a glimpse of the Tokyo view. The Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson film's iconic scene was shot in the Park Hyatt Hotel's New York Grill in Tokyo and is well worth making dinner or drink reservations to see the best Tokyo view you can at 750 feet in the air.

Once you've seen the Tokyo view you should consider spending a night in a ryokan inn, which are designed to look like many traditional Japanese houses with features such as large entrance halls, sitting arrangements where people can actually sit and talk to each other, tatami flooring, and sliding doors. A night spent at a ryokan inn will truly make you feel like you're a part of Japan.

One more must thing to do during your travels in Japan is to eat real Japanese sushi made by some world-class Japanese chefs. A couple of restaurant recommendations we have are Nihonryori Ryugin in Tokyo and Izusen in Kyoto-Shi. Oh, and don't forget to order some sake to go with your meal! It might leave you seeing doubles of all the Claude Monet paintings on the wall but it will be worth it.

You'll probably be sad that you're no longer in Japan but after your trip is over but once you're on your way home try to remember all the fun you had in Japan as you reminisce in the backseat of your vehicle. Plus you can always go back!

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