The world is changing when it comes to how we think about the environment. While our parents didn't worry much about how their commute to work or their job working with a machinery that could be affecting things like the air and the oceans, this seems to be something that is in the general subconscious most of the time these days. Some would call environmentalism a social movement that is making its way across the world while others consider it to be a passing trend. With new issues like global warming and genetic engineering present, it is something that we should all put some thought into.

There are many people who still see environmentalism as something that is mostly the pursuit and part of the mindset of the young. And while there are definitely a number of people in the younger generation who are now thinking about the Earth when they do everything from buy a home to decide whether they want to work for vacuum truck services, this is actually a movement that has been around for hundreds of years. The Industrial Revolution was the first major thing that caused pollution in the cities around the world and this was even people started to talk about the effect that it might have on us all.

Modern environmentalism seems to be all about preservation and conservation. While we are looking at ways of restoring the Earth to the state that it was in before most of the damage was done, we are more concerned with keeping further issues from happening. We might be thinking about using water treatment chemicals that are doing less to destroy the ecosystem and are definitely thinking of new ways of conserving the non-renewable energy sources that we are currently using in the world. There are many people who are interested in finding different fuels that we can use in our cars and those that want to see us all putting less things in the landfills that we have around larger cities.

One definition of environmentalism states that it is the belief that we need to be more concerned with preserving the environment then we are with intellectual growth. This is one of the major arguments in the world today, as many of the advancements that we make do negatively affect the environment of the world around us. Some people see environmentalism as something that is trying to put us back to a simpler time while others see it as something that is trying to marry our technological world with one that is going to do less damage to the planet that we all still need to live in. This is definitely something that you can think about when you're making your own art here in the garden of your home or when you're creating a plan for your small business.

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