If you're currently on the market for a new job but feel you don't have enough experience to land the job you want you should put those worries to rest right now. If the only job you've ever held was that of a glass installation technician (see Shower Door of Canada)and you want to land a job in a different field such as aircraft engine mechanic, don't talk yourself out of applying for tantalizing jobs just because you don't think you're qualified.

Many employers in today's job markets will offer to train prospective job seekers if they believe that they would be a good fit within the company. So keep that in the back of your mind when browsing the classifieds section looking for work. On the flip side of that equation is employers who can't hire from outside the company because they need somebody from within who already knows how the industry or retail company works but needs to fill a certain need within the company.

When that happens it's not of the ordinary for a company to provide employees with training so that they can update their skills and offer them a chance to fill that need. Whether it's a real estate agency providing real estate brokers with training on how to work the MLS system or a fast food chain sending a shining cashier to managerial school an employer will do whatever it takes to make sure the person they want for the job will be given every opportunity to get it.

Also, if you are working a job and see there's an opening for a position you want but it requires a certain skill you can always ask your employer for the necessary training that will land you that gig; or get that training on your own outside of work. A lot of employers love to see such initiative being taken and it will make them remember you once it comes time to filling that wanted position.

There are many employees who look at training as a sign of disrespect and think that their employer is making them take a training course because they don't think they good enough for the job. That's far from the case, as employers only train employees they think will have a bright future for the job. Look to being asked to take certain lessons or first aid training as a big thumbs up and the first step towards a long and prosperous career!

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