So, you're thinking of leaving your current location and moving to Japan to see what kind of career can be had in the country of the rising sun. While it may seem like an awesome idea to leave everything you've created behind for something exciting and exotic you might want to put on hold that call to your travel agent for now. At the very least don't make any travel arrangements or say something to your current boss about resigning until you've done a little research into Japan's job market.

If all you know right now is the world of finance, stocks, bonds and mutual funds and you go to Japan thinking you'll automatically get a new gig at some financial investment firm in Tokyo what will you do if that doesn't happen? Will you be able to survive without a job if it takes some time get one? Are you qualified to do anything else? Those are questions you need to have answers to and luckily for you've we've done some research on the employment situation in Japan. Let us now share our findings with you that you can use to determine what your chances are of landing a job in Japan.

The current jobs to applicant ratio in Japan is 0.67 and the unemployment rate usually hovers around 4%, neither of which are too bad. However, there aren't too many major industries in Japan that are currently experiencing a shortage and in need of workers other than the area of nursing. So, if you're a nurse that wants to work in Japan you're in luck but if you want to work in electronics or robotics you might be stuck having to settle for a job in sales.

One area that is on the rise in Japan, however, is technology. If you're a whiz with gadgets or know how to write software code then you might be able to land a job at one of the top Japanese technology companies such as Gree or Full Speed. The one other job area in Japan that is always on the lookout for more recruits is language teaching. If you don't mind teaching Japanese students how to speak and write English you can take a job as a tutor until you land a career in your chosen career field. Or you can start up your own online art gallery and try to make it on your own as an entrepreneur.

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